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I remember you from 2004 . Never thought you are still there. Greetings, a old NG Guy

lets have s** with your hair hair. Whait what? iam pretty sure the japanese have invented that
even bevor navii exist^^ //ignore my grammar iam not EN// hopefully you know what i mean.jpg

wow, awsome animation,
you have the skills,now make episodes... haha
I hink some people are out there to pay you millions for this..

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no! this is not good

no sounds
bad graphics
bugs at the right pad

a bad copy of pong

the best defence game here on newgrounds!!

i payed a lot of defense games here on ng but....
... this is the best!!!
why only the Daily 2nd Place?
Now its one of my favs !! 10 stars and vote 5
awesome gameplay and nice graphics and
a lot of maps for many hours of fun

have a nice day Noxins!

<the seq>

gute arbeit

man die idee ist ja wirklich lustig...
wäre schon cool wenn du eine 2te version davon rausbringen
würdest!! würd mich freun
schönen Tag noch

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WOW Awesome! ....

-Great Beat + a Nice Melody and good Bass = Great Track

... just a little bit to short
make more like this!
keep it up

now its my Fav!!
have a nice day


did you played all complete new? sounds like the original
... very good work
i love DM

MarkySpark responds:

only the intro has a reverse sound of the original. rest of the instruments are all mine. no samples.

Great Song!!

have you used reason3 or 4 to create?
can it be?

great work.... very good

nubbinownz responds:

Reason 4 :D this song was made entirely with reason 4

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